MSTCOG Sanctuary Choir

The Music Ministry endeavors to offer ministry through the gift of music with four choirs participating on designated Sundays: the Sanctuary, Youth/Young Adult, Children, and Men’s choirs. On certain occasions, all choirs come together to form a mass choir. It is an honor to serve God through music.

Team Leaders: Minister Bill Dennis and Timia Graham

Sanctuary Choir

Sings every 1st Sunday

Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays.

Youth/Young Adult Choir (Ages 13-29)

Sings every 2nd Sunday

Daniel Crichlow, Director

Rehearsals are held on 1st Sundays after church.

Mass Choir

Sings every 3rd Sunday

Timia Graham, Director

Rehearsals Tuesday before 3rd Sunday

Children’s Choir (Ages 4-12)

Sings every 4th Sunday

Dionne McCormick, Director

Rehearsals are held Friday before 4th Sunday

Men’s Choir

Sings every 5th Sunday

Rehearsals are held on Tuesday before 5th Sunday

What are the requirements for being a part of the various choirs?

  • Must have a true relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Must be a member of Martin Street Church of God
  • Must have completed the New Members Class before ministering with choir.
  • Must attend rehearsals